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Fluffy Spider Technologies

We deliver on the promise of better healthcare through smart technology

FST is a professional technology and design innovation company specialised in device and cloud software for the healthcare industry. We have over 20 years experience helping customers world-wide successfully create new products.


FST’s FancyPants Engine drives more than 100 million devices globally, including nearly all multimedia EFTPOS terminals world wide.

The Engine offers pixel perfect results and fluid transitions on any hardware, with or without a GPU.

The engine works on any 32bit or 64bit CPU, with any Linux as well as many other operating systems.

The same code can be used for all devices. Applications can be scripted or compiled


Our gifted design team will work closely with you, bringing your ideas to life.

Through a process of imagining new concepts, creating prototypes and user-centric design, we help refine your ideas to create a unique and usable product.

Whether working with a touchscreen, remote control, gesture input or any other kind of user interface we have the experience, skill and passion to design what you need


Our expert software engineers will turn designs into high quality, cost effective, commercial products, so you can get to market fast.

We have the experience in working with customers world wide, we speak multiple languages, we work with 3rd parties and we fit into your team to take the risk out of your project.

We have developed many custom embedded software solutions for customers over the last 15 years and helped take many successful products to market.

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Fields we specialize in

Medical Devices

The growing field of medical devices requires new solutions that are well thought out, easy to use, intuitive and integrate well to ecosystems.

The Visionflex ProEX Telehealth Hub software was designed from the ground up by FST. It combines the power of an Intel chipset with high definition video and audio streaming from specialised cameras as well as unbreakable data integrity and connectivity to standard EHR systems.

Point of sale terminals

The FST FancyPants engine powers almost all of multi media terminals for the world’s largest EFTPOS manufacturer VeriFone.

TV, set top box & media players

The FancyPants engine has been integrated with all leading STB and TV chipset SDKs.


Wearable tech needs to be seamless and transparent to the user. It has to work in difficult conditions and in situations that were not anticipated.

Get in touch to find out how we can help commercialise your wearable project.

Other embedded & IOT devices

We have experience in commercialising IoT projects, taking the data to the cloud and providing innovating mobile apps.


Our Portfolio


 Thanks to FancyPants’ capabilities, and responding to demands from VeriFone clients such as major retail and fast food chains, these devices include data and graphics presentation for both secure financial transactions and advertising within a small installed footprint, high-performance video and audio, full colour graphical menus with touch-screen, transactions via virtual keypad and electronic signature capture

Erik Vlugt
SVP Global Product Management at VeriFone, Board Member at Anchor ID

 We chose FST because of its innovative approach to consumer electronics and its depth of experience in Embedded Linux solutions

Martin Corr
GM Toshiba Australia R&D

Thanks to FST’s expertise and full range of embedded software development services, we confirmed our position by providing a complete & integrated solution for Philadelphia taxis and roll out to over 8,000 in New York. FST excelled as consultant to review and formalise our requirements and as developer, with job dispatch & audio interface. This resulted in a very intuitive and reliable GUI for taxi drivers, minimised user interaction, saved hardware costs and space within taxis. FST provides highly responsive support and enhancements

Amos Tamam
SVP VeriFone Taxi Systems

With FancyPants on board, we are confident that the multi million dollar AVR32 product line will be very successful

Haakon Skar
Director Of Product Marketing, AVR32, Atmel Corporation

Combining FancyPants with NICTA’s L4/Iguana will provide a small and robust software base that delivers a better experience for users of embedded devices

Prof. Gernot Heiser
University of New South Wales

It’s really made a difference in making our product truly sexy!!

Sydney Green
VP Global Product Development at VeriFone

We regard FancyPants as cutting edge technology that offers an unparalleled user experience. FancyPants is easily integrated into embedded operating systems and microkernels and meets the rigorous demands required in an embedded environment. FancyPants’ ability to create a breathtaking look and feel in an embedded environment continually impresses our customers

Steve Subar
CEO Open Kernel Labs



We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Suite 110, 330 Wattle St
Ultimo NSW, 2007
Sydney Australia

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